How to Select the Best Work Boots for Men

Finding the best work boots for men takes a bit more time and effort than just choosing whatever pops up first on the (online) shelf. Shopping for shoes online can be difficult, even more so when you’re in search of durable footwear that will last through the toughest days on the job. Read reviews carefully and always measure your foot to ensure the best fit. Also, pay attention to the following noteworthy factors when it comes to shoe selection:

Fit: Boots should be snug and hug the foot comfortably. It is common to have to break in work boots as they are usually made from a hard, durable material, but that doesn’t mean they should cause pain or major discomfort after the “breaking-in” period. If you’re finding that most shoes cause you pain in the toe box, you may need to source footwear in a wider fit.
Materials: Being mindful of boot material is imperative when browsing. A sturdy pair of boots will oftentimes be a combination of several different materials. This being said, there are specialized boots that’ll pertain to specific jobs and industries. Plastic or PVC work shoes will provide extra water resistance or waterproof capabilities, certain rubber materials can help protect you from heat, and other fabrics like cotton and memory foam can help with breathability and comfort.
Safety: There are several indicators of safety when it comes to work boots, but it really depends on your work demands. A mason may not need the same electrical hazard protection capacity as an electrician, and a construction worker might not prioritize the same waterproof capabilities a farmhand requires. Other safety features include non-slip grips, composite or steel toes, and heat resistance.

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