Men’s Work Boots for Safety & Style

Work boots are essential for workplace safety. The U.S. Department of Labor requires employers to mandate that their employees wear protective footwear if their job poses a danger to their feet, as it does, for instance, in carpentry and construction. These boots often feature steel-toe designs to prevent injuries from falling objects and other hazards, as well as grippy lug soles to keep you sure-footed on a range of surfaces.

Other work boot styles include aluminum toe and composite toe options, which feature toe caps made of plastic, carbon fiber or other strong synthetic materials. Aluminum styles are lighter weight than steel toe options but tend to be more expensive and aren’t built to provide as much impact resistance. Composite-toe boots are also lightweight, but metal-free, making them ideal for workers that are required to frequently pass through metal detectors such as airport workers or security personnel. These boots tend to be bulkier than aluminum and steel toe styles, though.

All that said, if your job doesn’t require a safety toe, you can opt for a classic soft toe boot, which will generally be lighter and more comfortable to wear. While soft toe boots won’t safeguard toes against falling objects, many incorporate soles with slip-resistance and electrical hazard protection. So if you’re an electrician or work in a food manufacturing plant, a soft toe may be a better choice.

For proper slip-resistance, Occupational Health & Safety Magazine (OHA) recommends choosing styles with small slits or snipes in the outsole that are approximately two millimeters apart from one another. This amount of space between the grooves enables liquid to move properly to the sole’s border. Otherwise, liquid can get trapped underneath the sole and cause a hydroplaning effect.

And if you work with live wires, you’ll likely need a boot that’s EH-rated, meaning they provide protection against potential electrical hazards while also keeping you stable on slippery surfaces.

When it comes to cushioning and breathability, options vary, allowing you to choose the level of support that suits your needs. Many styles also come with moisture-wicking linings to help prevent sweat buildup and keep odors at bay.

Considering all this, we compiled a selection of work boots for men from trusted brands like our store. As an added bonus, these pairs are stylish enough to be worn outside the workplace, too.

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