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  1. To care for your leather Boots, first remove the laces and use a damp cloth to wipe off dirt from the upper and outsole.
  2. Lightly brush the boot with a horsehair or other shoe-care brush to remove any excess dirt. Pay special attention to the stitching.
  3. Condition the leather to replenish its natural oils. Test conditioner on a small area before applying, as it may darken some leathers. Apply conditioner with hands or a soft cloth, working it into the leather and making sure to cover all leather surfaces, including the outsole if it is leather. Let conditioner dry, then brush to remove any excess.
  4. If the boots have a leather-edge outsole, treat with an edge sealer, wax or polish.
  5. Apply polish if desired to add color and shine. Keep in mind dark polishes will also darken any contrast stitching. Shine shoes with a soft brush.


  1. No matter how much you love them, try to give your boots a day to rest and breathe between wears, which will extend the life of the boots.
  2. Keep them clean. Dirt abrades stitching and leather.
  3. Keep your boots dry (uppers and leather soles). If the boots get wet, let them air dry thoroughly before wearing them again. Do not use heat.
  4. Use shoe trees. They help maintain the shape of the shoe or boot and naturally absorb moisture and odors.
  5. Condition leather boots regularly, at least 1-2 times per month. This maintains the integrity of the leather and replenishes its natural oils keeping it supple and protected.
  6. Avoid any conditioners, creams, polishes etc. that contain silicon or alcohol.
  7. Resole or re-heel your boots when needed if they become worn. If you wear them too long without proper repair, they will get to a point where they cannot be re-furbished. (Applies to boots made with Goodyear Welt construction.)
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